Lost Mine of Phandelver

Goblin Arrows

Goblin Ambush

The party is in Neverwinter when Gundren Rockseeker dwarf friend of the party hires the party to escort a wagon of supplies to Phandalin. Gundren is excited claiming that he and his brothers have “found something big”. He tells the party that they can collect 10 GP each from Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin when the wagon of supplies arrives safely.

Gundren has gone on ahead to Phandalin early with a man named Sildar Hallwinter to “take care of business”. They have set out on horseback.

The route the party will be taking is south along the High road then east along the Triboar trail.

The party consists of a level 1 fighter/archer named Larry L. Larry and a level 1 rogue named Calypso. They met at the YMCA.

Larry met Gundren when he replied to the wagon escort job which was posted on the YMCA job board.

Calypso met Gudren when she happened to ‘bump’ into him on the street. Gundren was impressed enough with her to befriend her and offer her the wagon escort job.

Currently, the party members do not trust each other.

The party sets out for Phandalin and after a few days, turn east onto the Triboar trail. Larry is driving the cart and Calypso is riding on one of the oxen.

Partway through the first day on the Triboar Trail the party comes upon two dead horses laying in the trail with black feathered arrows sticking out of them. Before the party has a chance to investigate, they notice 4 goblins in the trees on either side of the trail. Calypso quickly kills one of the goblins but then takes enough damage that she falls unconscious. Larry takes cover in the back of the wagon and is able to kill two of the remaining goblins. The last goblin, seeing that his comrades have been slain attempts to sneak away in the underbrush but Larry is able to follow him thanks to his keen senses. Eventually, Larry is able to render the last goblin unconscious. Larry quickly and securely ties the goblin up and then rests while he waits for Calypso and the goblin prisoner to regain consciousness.

Once Calypso regains consciousness, she takes a brief rest and then investigates the dead horses. Calypso verifies that these are the same horses that Gundren and Sildar were riding when they departed town. Calypso also notices that there is an empty map case laying nearby. Calypso observes many goblin tracks in the dirt and tracks that seem to show two heavy objects being dragged.

Once the goblin prisoner regains consciousness, the party is able to ‘persuade’ him to answer some questions. The goblin reveals that he is a member of the Cragmaw tribe, named so because of the way they sharpen their teeth to sharp points. It is obvious that the goblin prisoner fears one of the other members of the tribe named Klarg very much. Klarg is probably the leader. The goblin prisoner tells the party that his name is Splurg and that the goblins did capture Gundren and Sildar. The party learns from Splurg that ‘the little one’ was taken far away to a place called ‘the castle’ but ‘the other one’ is being held nearby in the local Cragmaw lair, in a room called ‘the eating room’. Splurg reluctantly agrees to show the party the way to the nearby Cragmaw lair. Along the way, Splurg points out several traps to the party. Larry shares some rations with Splurg and begins thinking of ways to entertain him.




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